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Ok, I got it
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Meter Started: Nov 12, 2006
Updates: 6th November 2007
Been bit slow with updates going to make an new today and maybe some days out.. Already added new banner to the Journal page to Vipera

Updates: 1.Sept 2007
Finnaly wrote about Vipera and added somthign to Aylàh story and added ptshures to the story. Aslo made a new Journal Banner and if you clock on it you will come to vipera's personal Journal

Updates: 16.July 2007
New page up "about Aylàh & Vipera" it's about two roleplaying char i have, aslo deleted some few site and uploades the last drawing i had....

Updates: 15.July 2007
Added a link to "Vipera's Journal" around at the webpage and added some drawing... and also deleted Hellsing: revlation because Lash haven't had contact with me over 3 months.. I wounder if hes alive.

Update: 12 June 2007
Updates and puted pitchres in !My school life", Also updates and puttet new pitchures in "WoW- world of warcraft" and lots of new drawings in "My drawings"
Soon big ting to come??
Story from my two WoW chars life evryone just wait up for Vipera and Aylàh's Story!!

Update: 9 June 2007
CHanged the background Color at the main page and Added a new music video to the ones i have made myself

Update: 12 May 2007.
New music video on the ones i made myself. Finnaly putes some new drawings up and some pitchures at my school work..

Update: 19 april 2007
New pitchures at WoW page and new song lyrics and qoutes and Online Comics

Update: 16 april 2007
Finnaly Pirates of Carabean 3 at world's end!
yea thats the nice little update the trailer to one of the coolest movie ever! other updates are: pitchures at wow page and school page and a new music video that i made^^ enoy!

Update: 16 march 2007
Happy Bithday to me, Happy birthday to me, Happy birthday dear Vipera, Happy birthday to me.... yea you guessed right todays update is my birthday hehe.. now im what people cal "adult" but i think im just like when im 17 just well 18...

and for that i updates teh World of Warcraft page

Update: 14 march 2007
Ok The new updates are finished, as you might noticed I got a new color on all the pages and i added a new page named "My music Video" in that you will find what i have made. I deleted the Sonic page. and at my drawings it's emty for teh moment. im trying to find a bether way to hae pitchures there. at "My school life" its new pitchures of my school works at and "about me" its also somthign new... next update will maby be at march the 16th where I might put up some new World of Warcraft thing in... And remember please write in the shoutbox or guest boook-.. adios ^^

Update: 11 March 2007
OK i got big changes going on now.. new layout pitchures... yes evrything.. and it's going to be up beforea special day ^^

Update: 9 January 2007
OK ok new music vidioes and Hellsing: revelation, hmm thats all new now and lash i missed you!
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